Chuey Chu aka “The Chop Knuckle guy” and former “Pulse TV Guy” is a Host, MC, Content Creator, Producer, Journalist, Actor and a really nice guy. With the perfect combination of charm and charisma as a host coupled with the energy of a seasoned Hypeman Chuey Chu is able to control the stage with just enough energy to entertain a range of crowds. Simply put, he’s Versatile.

From intimate settings to large auditoriums, he has an uncanny ability to connect with the room full of revelers. His versatility, quick wit and his ability win over all crowds are amongst his strongest assets as a Media Personality.

Beginning his career in Nigeria in May of 2015, Chuey took social media and online TV by storm with his show “Pulse TV Strivia” and his popular catchphrase “Chop Knuckle”. Building a legacy with a simple two word phrase, Chuey is able to strike both fear and excitement in the hearts of those chop knuckle recipients (especially celebrities!). He can be watched regularly on “Ask the People (ATP),” an online people engagement show on his YouTube channel. When he’s not in front of the screen, he’s behind the scenes either overseeing creative advertising campaigns or enjoying a cold bottle of beer or both.

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