The People’s Hero: How to be better at singing

Make sure you be a better singer when you read about the tips to singing better in this article here at The People’s Hero. Find out now. The tips to becoming a better singer are the following:

1. Your vocal chords must be trained like an athlete trains his muscles. They must be exercised just as often as, or even more often than, your arms or legs. (Or else, you will become “muscle-bound” and your singing will suffer.) Just like an athlete, your singing must be “worked” with endurance and consistency. You know what I’m talking about. That little voice inside your head that nags you to practice more? That annoying voice must be silenced or, at least, tamed. Your goal is to get that little voice to shut up and sit still so you can concentrate on your singing. Only then will you achieve the “zone” where true, inner-joyous expression can flow effortlessly from your soul.

2. Your diaphragm (the muscle that moves your lungs) must be strong. If it isn’t, you will sound hollow and unpleasingly strident. Like most people, you use your diaphragm only when you speak. But when you sing, you must also use it constantly to produce the low, rich tone that is the essence of good singing. The way to develop strength in your diaphragm is by using it every day.

3. Get A Professional To Work With!

There are many people who think they can become good singers just by listening to songs on the radio and/or from CD’s or tapes. This is like trying to learn how to drive a car by riding in the front passenger seat. You’ll never really know how to do it until you sit behind the wheel and actually drive. And just like learning to drive a car, the only way to get good at singing is by doing. By practicing. And the best place to get real instruction is from a professional.

I’ve already mentioned my dear friend Joe Polish. If you’re anywhere near Seattle, you should consider hiring him for a lesson. He’s amazing with people and he has a gift for explaining things in a simple way that is easy to understand. If you’ve got kids, he’d be perfect for them too. Check out his website at

Another great teacher is Linda Rizzo. You can find her website at She’s very passionate about teaching people how to sing and she’s got a great range of styles. I highly recommend her classes. She teaches in California and Florida.

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