Tips for a winning performance

The People’s Hero: Tips for a winning performance 

Are you planning to join The People’s Hero talent show and give the world the best performance? We’d be glad to welcome you and allow you to be discovered by the best media industries in the world. With that said, if you want to be noticed by the company that you want and to outperform everyone else on stage, you need to start early on your preparations to ace the auditions and knock everyone’s socks off. 

If you have no idea how to prepare for your performance, we’d gladly give you the best tips that we have that would help you kill it on the stage. Take a look at what our talent show managers have to say when it comes to giving the best performance! 

Kill it on the stage: Best tips for a standout performance 

Ready to show the world what you are capable of? Here are some of the tips that would land you on the top of our list right here at The People’s Hero. Check it out now and be the hero of our talent show. 

Choose your act wisely 

The first step that you need to do is to select your act. Make sure that you are doing something unique or different so you can stand out from the rest of the performers. It is always a pleasure to be remembered by the judges so be as unique as possible! 

If you are taking any lessons in singing or dancing, then you already have a show ready to go. Maybe you can perform an act from a recital that you’ve practised ion for a long time. Of course, even without the lessons, you can still perform, but you need to select what you want to perform as soon as you register for the contest since you would need a lot of practice to give the best performance that you can. It is also possible to perform with your friends on a dance routine or a duet. Give us your best shot and go as out of this world as possible! 

Even if you don’t have the traditional stage talent, you can still give an outstanding stage performance by searching on different talent show websites stage performance ideas. You can even watch popular talent shows and see the best acts. 

Whatever you choose to perform in the talent show, make sure that it is the best that you can offer so that there would be no regrets by the end of it. Moreover, pick something that would fit the venue and the theme of the talent show. 

Practice is the key to the best performance

We will never get tired of saying this, practicing makes perfect. If you do something over and over again, you will eventually become the best at it. Moreover, practice allows you to review and refine your performance. It makes you see through what you need to improve and allows you to polish your act. 

We recommend rehearsing as much as possible. Make a schedule for your practice or rehearse whenever you have free time. Practising a lot wouldn’t hurt your performance so make sure that you always run through your act. Even when you think that you’ve practised enough, continue polishing your show. 

It would also be helpful to have a friend watch you as you perform so you can be used to having people around. Oftentimes, performers fail inof their activities due to stage fright. You can overcome this by practising performing in front of a crowd, maybe to your friends and family or even people that you are not close to.

We also suggest rehearsing while wearing your stage costume to ensure that you would be comfortable with it while you perform on the stage. You can also have a friend take a video of your performance so you can see how you would look on stage and correct a few mistakes. 

Wear an outstanding costume

Believe it or not, the costume that you wear can help you make a memorable performance. Oftentimes, people remember you by what you wear instead of your name or anything else. One of the first things that you need to ensure in a talent show is that you will be remembered by the people and the judges. The costume you wear would help you stand out from the crowd. 

If you don’t have money to spend on an expensive costume, you can also shop in thrift stores and select something that would be close to what you want to wear. You can also add a few twists of your own with thrifted fabrics. As for your makeup, don’t be afraid to be bold with your colours! Remember that your audience would be off in the distance so make sure that you create an outstanding effect with your costume. 

If it so happens that you are going to perform an act that doesn’t necessarily require a costume, you can wear your best clothes or something related to the theme of your performance. Be sure to dress the part. For example, if your act is about hip hop, make sure to wear bougie clothing. 

Short performances are memorable 

Don’t drag your performance out or it would go past the attention span of your audience. Even the best performances can go boring fast if it wears out its welcome. If you are performing a song, make sure that you don’t sing all of the verses. Select the best parts of the song or dance then only perform that. A two or three-minute performance would be good enough. Drop the rest if it goes past this. You can try recording your performance to see if it looks awkward or if it goes too long for your liking. Asking for a peer review would also be nice. 

Variety is the spice of the show

It would be good to ask or see what the other performers are going to do. If there are too many people singing in a talent show, change your actions to something else or add a twist to your performance since performing an act similar to everyone else could bore the audience and diminish your chance of getting noticed. 

For the audience, there is nothing quite as boring as sitting down to watch another Whitney Houston song performed on stage. Pick a song that not a lot of people know and give it your best shot. You can also perform a song that you wrote yourself to make your performance even more special. 

Quick tips for an on-fire performance 

Below, we have a few practical tips that you can use to sound and look confident on stage. You don’t have to wait until the real show to practice these tips. Start now and all of these would be second nature on stage! Take a look at what we recommend for you: 

  • Speak up and slow down 

This one is for the people who are not used to having an audience or standing on stage. You can often be overcome with shyness or nervousness and speak your lines a little too quietly or quickly, sometimes even both. This wouldn’t do any good for your performance. You need to have the confidence to show the audience your talent. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with performing in front of a crowd. 

  • Never get tired of smiling

A smile can make you look welcoming and friendly. This would help the audience accept you more since nobody likes grumpy performers. Moreover, a smile can help instil smoke confidence in you and assist you in overcoming your stage fright. Another thing is that a smile can trick you into thinking that you are having fun. Try it!

  • Posture makes a world of difference

Performers often don’t pay attention to this, but your posture can immediately change how the audience sees you. Always stand straight when you are singing. Plus, a good posture can create a sense of confidence that is visible even to the audience. Just remember not to be too stiff on the stage or else you would appear nervous, which isn’t good if you want to impress the audience.

  • Keep your eyes focused straight ahead at the audience 

This is a trick that we can recommend if you feel nervous and don’t want to make direct eye contact with the audience. You can just stare past them and focus on your performance! 

  • Consider sitting on a stool

If you are planning to sing a slow and mellow song, you might want to consider sitting on a stool to emulate the idea of peace and tranquillity.

  • End professionally 

Don’t just cut off your performance. Give the audience the end that they deserve with a bow. Make sure to smile at them and the judges.  

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