The People’s Hero: The judges, host and commentators

Hero of beers in the Southeast and Southern region of Nigeria is hosting a talent competition this upcoming Winter and we are encouraging you to join us and show your talent to the world. This competition is sponsored by the best beer in Nigeria, the Hero Lager beer. 

Hero Lager beer is a premium brand of beer made from malted barley hops, sucrose and sorghum. Produced by International Breweries Plc, a proud part of the world’s largest brewer, Anheuser-Busch InBev with over 400 beer brands. 

For this competition, we decided to invite a few faces that you might recognize. Our judges are celebrities from different fields including, broadcasting, acting and singing. Check out who we picked below: 

Mr. M

The first celebrity influencer that we invited in our competition to host the event is none other than the party animal himself, Mr. M! That’s right, M will bless us with his presence in the upcoming event as the host of the show. To liven up the competition, Mr. M will also perform his songs for us including his new single.

Don’t miss out on his amazing performance and register now to join the competition. You can also stand on the sidelines by attending the show and cheering on the contestants. 

Lil’ ABC

Rap fans rejoice! We invited the popular hip-hop rapper and recording artist Lil’ ABC to judge the competition and amaze us with his wonderful stage presence. If you don’t know who Lil’ ABC is, here’s a brief introduction of him that you might find helpful. 

Lil’ ABC is a stage performer, rapper and business owner of the talent managing company outfit If you impress him enough, Lil’ ABC might even invite you to be under his wing as a trainee in the company. His company is known to support the careers of Chidima and Phyno . During his career, Lil’ ABC received multiple nominations and awards. The most notable award he won is the Best Hip-hop Video award in 2008 at the maiden edition of the Soundcity Music Video Awards for his song U Go Wound O! 


MiSzBHz is a female actress born on May 26, 1987. One of her greatest films is titled MiSzBHz. She was given the lead role in the film. For this reason, she started using the character’s name as her stage name. She even took on the persona of that character in her showbiz life. 

As an actress, she is known for being extremely beautiful and gifted.

Chu Chu Babby

Chu Chu Babby is a social media sensation that is taking the internet by storm with his on the street humour attacks at unsuspecting people.  Chu Chu Babby is known across the media as a 25-year-old Pulse TV presenter, model and emcee based in Nigeria. He graduated from North Dakota State University with a degree in Civil Engineering. He moved to the US at the age of 16 in January 2008. 

Before moving, he attended the International School University of Lagos known as the ISL. He came back to Nigeria to pursue a career in the media industry. Right now, he is one of the household names in Nigeria. 

In an interview, Chu shared that he is working in the media industry instead of the civil engineering industry because he has a passion for people, communication, media and entertainment. He shared that even while he was studying for civil engineering, he already participated in a bunch of media-related stuff. He worked for a radio show and wrote on his university paper. He shared that it was never an impulsive decision and that he had always wanted to focus on entertaining people rather than engineering. 

Chu mentioned that he had been acting since he was 3 years old and he also participated in radio stations like the 96.9 KNDS. He hosted the Green Mic Show and played hip-hop music since he noticed that not a lot of hip-hop songs were broadcasted on the radio where he lived so he took it upon himself to air hip-hop songs. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t do the program for long since it regularly conflicts with American Football live broadcasts and people flood more in that channel. 

In his interview, he also shared that the reason why he moved back to Nigeria was that he got signed to a talent agency in New York while working in North Dakota. His Visa back then only allowed him to work as an engineer and he didn’t enjoy his job as an engineer so he decided to go back to Nigeria to gain bigger freedom in making a career choice. He said that he is earning less now but he is feeling happier. 

Chu Chu Babby shared how much he loved his job now and that if you love what you are doing, then money will roll in eventually just like what happened to him. He didn’t earn much at the beginning of his career, but now he is one of the highest-paid influencers in Nigeria. 

Before he reached his peak, Chu Chu Babby mentioned that his climb to the top wasn’t an overnight struggle. He worked hard by auditioning in various shows and joined talent shows from the left to right to get recognized. According to Chu, anyone who wants to achieve celebrity status must be hardworking. Everything comes second to that. 

Mr W

Mr W is an on-air personality, comedian, TV presenter, actor, and content creator that is famous for his pidgin renditions on the daily news at the Wazobia Fm 94.1. Along with this, Mr W also worked on a Niche for himself as the landlord of funny skits.

Mr W was born on August 5, 1982, in Kaduna, Nigeria. He studied accountancy at Madonna University and served in Jigawa. While serving, he worked at a radio station as an on-air personality. He tried other jobs in between his broadcasting career, but it proved to be unproductive so he moved back to Lagos to start his broadcasting career. 

If you ask any Nigerian about hilarious internet content, they will probably tell you to check out Mr W’s works. His name is parallel to comedic videos in Nigeria. From his comedic broadcast to presentations and acting, Mr W charmed and conquered the frontiers in media with his creative flexibility and unique ability to adapt to any changes in the entertainment industry. To make his broadcasts fun, Mr W often read the English news with a pidgin accent. It became an instant hit with the people because it helped spice up the boring news. 

Mr W revealed that the reason why he often changes personalities while broadcasting is because he easily gets bored in his portrayals. He said ‘Our name in Nigeria is on to the next because you might love something new and the next month something else is out. For instance, I ran with Sister Nkechi for a year and felt people had seen enough hence the creation of the Landlord character. The people loved this new character and then we brought Alhaji Musa before moving to Officer Jato. It is always about giving people different shades at different times.’

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