Taiwo Ijeoma is a multi-talented creative soul singer born on the 2nd of November 1997,a graduate of Imo State University department of Mass communication.

She hails from Imo State, Owerri precisely.

I discovered my intense passion for music in the year 2011 YES!!! the magical Melody and harmony that emanates when I open my mouth makes me feel special as it envelopes and illuminates people around me.My hobbies include commercial modeling, dancing, and writing,I aspire to become a presenter and a counselor in the future.

I’ll love to learn Yoruba language and Spanish. I’m a big bag of surprise and I’m determined to learn and grow in the magical and artistic world of music to affect and make a formidable impact in the lives of individuals and give back to society. I’m a story yet untold,  A history yet to unfold!!! YES I’m a HERO.